accel08 Workshop Programme
Monday, 7 April 2008    
Time Item Person Title
08:30 Registration    
09:00 Introduction Mark Boland  
09:05 Welcome Rob Lamb  
09:15 Talk Jeff Corbett Lightsources: Accelerators Enabling Science
10:20 Talk Roger Rassool Oportunities for Students
10:40 Talk Greg LeBlanc Accelerator Science Research Projects
11:00 Morning Coffee    
11:20 Talk Ted Wilson Engines of Discovery
12:30 Talk Mark Boland Preview of the Australian Synchrotron
13:00 Lunch Mary & Steve  
14:00 Bus Trip   Bus from Parkville to Clayton
15:00 Tour   Tour of Australian Synchrotron
17:30 Bus Trip   Bus from Clayton to Richmond
18:30 Dinner Roger Short Fenix Restaurant in Richmond
22:00 Bus Trip   Bus from Richmond to Parkville
Tuesday, 8 April 2008    
Time Item Person Title
09:00 Talk Zhentang Zhao SSRF Commissioning Update
10:00 Discussion    
10:15 Talk Eugene Tan Storage Ring Beam Dynamics
11:00 Morning Coffee    
11:15 Talk Rohan Dowd RF and Impedance Induced Beam Effects
12:00 Discussion    
12:15 Talk Martin Spencer Bunch-by-bunch Beam Diagnostics and Feedback
13:00 Lunch Mary & Steve  
14:00 Talk Emmanuel Tsesmelis The LHC and Future Accelerators at CERN
15:00 Discussion    
15:15 Talk Hitoshi Hayano Accelerators for the International Linear Collider
16:00 Afternoon Coffee    
16:15 Talk Nikolai Lobanov Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility at ANU
16:35 Talk David Peake Beam diagnostics for accelerators and beamlines
16:55 Close Out Mark Boland  
17:00 Cocktail Party