The Australian Synchrotron is free of charge for all researchers who are publishing results in open literature and is allocated through a peer-review application process. Proprietary research is available through the Industry Engagement Team.

Applying for Beamtime

This sections gives further information on the options available for beamtime, how to apply for beamtime and proposal submission dates.

MX Collaborative Access Program

This area contains all information regarding the MX CAPs, including submission information and sample shipping.

Pre Beamtime

Refer to this page for information about the actions needed to ensure that your beamtime runs smoothly.  These actions must be completed once beamtime has been scheduled and prior to the date of beamtime - some actions must be completed at certain times. For example, the Experiment Authorisation must be submitted at least 5 business days prior.

Post Beamtime

The following pages describe the procedures to be followed after beamtime. This includes feedbackinvoicing and publications.

Australian Access to Overseas Synchrotrons

Information on how to access overseas synchrotrons.

User Services

This section provides information on the User Office, Nearby Accommodation, proposal search and transport.