Should you use this beamline?

This is a spectrometer beamline.  If you require spatial resolution or imaging, then you might like to try the IR microspectroscopy beamline.

Please see User Information for more general information regarding how to apply for Australian Synchrotron beamtime.


What to include in your proposal

When applying specifically for the Far IR & HR beamline, please include the following in your proposal:

  • Evidence/reasons why you require the THz/FarIR beamline for your experiments
    • High Resolution needed for gas phase experiments
    • Need of a Far IR, broadband source for exploratory experiments to locate spectral features
    • Need of a bright, THz source - down to 10cm-1
    • Requires use of resources not currently located anywhere else - EFC cell, laser photolysis.
  • The sample mount/accessory you wish to use (if known)
    • Gas cell
    • Grazing Incidence Angle accessory
    • Cryostat
    • Liquid Cell
  • Sample type/s
    • Gas
    • Biological
    • Electronic
    • Liquid
    • Gel
    • Powder
    • Metal
  • Spectral region/s
    • Our beamsplitters cover specific regions, if you plan to cover several of these, then extra beamtime will be required for set up
  • Any "proof of principle" experiments having been previously completed
    • Details of any previous lab-based FTIR measurements you may have undertaken on these samples (whether successful or not)
    • Summary of outcomes from any previous synchrotron IR beamtime related to these samples
  • Do you require access to the facility’s Biochemistry or Chemistry Laboratories?
    • Check with beamline staf as your sample preparation could require pre-beamtime lab usage.
    • Do you require use of the on-site pellet press?
    • Do you require use of the IR furnace (see Samples, figure 5)?
  • Are you using reactive/dangerous gases or samples? For example, will you require use of the ventilation exhaust system?
  • Other experiment and OHSE specific conditions.


Beamline Specific Administrative Procedures

A Beamline Induction is given by IR beamline staff to all members of a user group at the start of their experimental run. This is in addition to the Facility User Safety Training undertaken by all users. No user on the THz/Far IR beamline may operate equipment or use AS facilities until they have completed the Beamline Induction. All users listed on an Experiment Authorisation form should attend at the beginning of an experimental run to complete this induction.