After acknowledging us in your publications, please submit your publication to us!


The Australian Synchrotron Portal has a web interface which allows you to list your new publications and view any publications where you are listed as a co-author in our database. All journal articles from the last three years linked to your name will also be displayed on beamtime proposals where you are listed as a 'Researcher'. Note that only Users with a Portal account can use the 'Publications' interface. To access the publications section please log in to the Australian Synchrotron Portal page and log in to your dashboard as below.


Go to the Australian Synchrotron Portal Publications login page.


Please note, if you do not have a Portal account, you can still search our database for publications associated with Australian Synchrotron, ANBF and ISAP-funded research. Please go to the Australian Synchrotron Publications Search Page to start your search.