Experimentally-verified test data providing daily calibration benchmarks and ISO certification

ISO 9001 certification

The AS was awarded ISO 9001 quality management systems certification - see here for more details.

Daily beamline calibration and start-up includes:

  • Beam centre determination using diffraction of lanthanum hexaboride at varying detector distances, with results automatically updated to the image header records
  • Precise centre of rotation alignment with sphere of confusion of 2µm or less
  • Beam position alignment, using a YAG crystal,  to centre of rotation, allowing active steering to keep the position constant 
  • Confirmation of operating optimisation through test dataset collection showing lowest resolution shell Rmerge <2.5 % to confirm that the beamline is producing high-quality, accurate data
  • Accurate alignment of cryojet and cryojet temperature check
  • Minimisation of port jams and robot loss-of-crystals by probing of user SSLR cassette / puck


Example of HTML report after beamline start-up

Finished at: Thu May 3 09:02:49 EST 2012

Task Completed
1) Run userChanger
2) Align rotation axis (hover for image )
3) Align beam on YAG (hover for image)
4) Snapshot EPICS PVs
5) Align cryojet and check cryo temperature
6) New beamcentre in image headers
7) Collect a test dataset
8) User cassettes mounted and probed
9) Look out Experimental Authorisation
10) Check user induction requirements