Negotiations begin for Australian collaborative access to the Photon Factory, Japan, involving construction of a beamline.


The first proposal by a number of Australian researchers that Australia should negotiate the use of synchrotron facilities at the Photon Factory


 A synchrotron workshop is held at The University of Melbourne regarding overseas collaborative access.


The Australian National Committee for Crystallography surveys Australian requirements. The results are published in 1989 as an Australian Academy of Science report, "A Requirement for Australian Research: Access to "Big Science" Facilities", making a strong scientific case for promoting Australian access to synchrotron radiation sources.


An Australian Science and Technology Committee (ASTEC) report "Small Country—Big Science" recommends access for Australian scientists to international synchrotron facilities and a study of the proposal for a beamline facility to be installed at the Photon Factory.


A consortium is established by ANSTO, ARC, ANU, CSIRO, DITAC and UNSW to fund the Australian National Beamline Facility (ANBF) at the Photon Factory.


Construction of multi-purpose diffractometer ("BigDiff") for the ANBF commences at CSIRO in collaboration with ANSTO and The University of Melbourne. The monochromator and front end are designed and manufactured at the Australian Defence Force Academy at The University of New South Wales.


The Australian National Beamline Facility (ANBF) is established at the Photon Factory in Japan.


An ASTEC study on major research facilities receives the first recommendations to build a synchrotron in Australia.


Negotiations begin for access to the Advanced Photon Source, USA.


A proposal to expand access to international synchrotron facilities is submitted for funding from the Federal Government.


The proposal is successful, and the Australian Synchrotron Research Program (ASRP) is established. The Program comprises involvement in the Advanced Photon Source in the USA and continued involvement with the Photon Factory. Funding is granted for a feasibility study into an Australian synchrotron.


Oxford Instruments organises a workshop in Melbourne, triggering the formation of the Industrial Synchrotron Roundtable (ISRt), which examines options for a compact synchrotron.


The feasibility study for an Australian synchrotron is completed.


The "Boomerang Proposal" for a third-generation synchrotron is submitted to the Federal Government.


The Major National Research Facilities Program (MNRF) calls for proposals and receives submissions to construct a synchrotron from Victoria, Queensland and NSW.


In June, the Victorian Government announces its decision to build a national synchrotron facility.


The ASRP Program is extended for a further 5 years. The ASRP signs a MOU with the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan, adding access to the Taiwan synchrotron to the ASRP's programs.


Construction of the Australian Synchrotron commences.


The Australian Synchrotron opens.