The Australian Synchrotron will book accommodation for interstate user groups at the onsite AS Guesthouse. For bookings unrelated to beamtime, please refer to the Australian Synchrotron Guesthouse.


You must create & begin your Experimental Authorisation prior to submitting your Accommodation Application.



Subsidized accommodation is available for up to 3 people per successful beamtime proposal for:

  • Interstate User groups 
  • Country Victorian User groups

Local  and International users are not eligible for AS funded accommodation, but may book a room at our discounted AS Affiliated room rates.

MX CAP information can be found here.

Only bookings made prior to the start of beamtime will be funded by the AS. Any alterations upon arrival will incur the standard nightly rate.

What is Provided

Each group is permitted to:

  • The nights of beamtime
  • Up to two additional nights - provided that these are contiguous with the dates of beamtime

For example, if your beamtime is scheduled to commence Tuesday and end on Thursday, you will be entitled to Tuesday and Wednesday night, plus up to 2 additional nights.

  • Additional nights of accommodation cannot be accumulated for future use or transferred to other users or other beamtime and all reservations will be final at the time of booking. Any complimentary nights of accommodation that are not accessed in the original booking will be inaccessible thereafter.
  • Should you anticipate that your team will require a late check-out, please book an additional night of accommodation prior to your arrival. Please note: in some instances this may attract a fee equivalent to the nightly rate, if the 2 additional nights have already been booked.

How to Apply

If you are staying at the Guesthouse in conjuction with the interstate users Travel Funding, your Travel Funding Application form will cover the accommodation booking.

If your require accommodation only, please submit an accommodation only application via the 'Travel Funding & Accom' page of your EA.

As a guest at the Guesthouse, all rules must be adhered to during your stay. Please read through the Accommodation Terms.

More information

For more information regarding the Guesthouse including room rates, please refer to the Australian Synchrotron Guesthouse page or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.