Step 1: Raw data conversion

All raw data collected are automatically saved in a binary .mda format, which require conversion into ascii format prior to analysis.

  • For fluorescence data conversion please use Sakura (available for download here).
  • For transmission data conversion you can use mda display which is available at the beamline (instructions).


Step 2: Analysis

You may choose to use any data package that you are familiar with / desire. At the beamline we often use the IFEFFIT package for data reduction (Athena) and data analysis (Artemis). Further information and downloads can be found here:

The beamline scientists are experienced in XAS data analysis and can provide some general advice in this regard. Please note however, that it is not a specific task of the beamline scientists to analyse data for users and thus, should you wish to, please pursue their assistance in a reasonable manner.