Australian Synchrotron Code of Ethics

The Australian Synchrotron Code of Ethics aims to clarify for all employees of the Australian Synchrotron Company the conduct expected in the performance of their duties, to ensure maintenance of a harmonious working environment and public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the services provided by the Australian Synchrotron Company. For the purposes of this Code, employees include, secondees, contractors and visitors engaged in any Australian Synchrotron Company related activity.

Synchrotron users are expected to abide by the principles outlined in the Code.

Among other things, the Code states that Australian Synchrotron Company employees can be said to be acting ethically if they:

  • maintain a high level of honesty and integrity
  • conduct dealings with others using courtesy and respect
  • ensure that others are accorded equity
  • take personal and professional responsibility for their actions.

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Australian Synchrotron Diversity Policy - Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

The Australian Synchrotron Diversity Policy acknowledges that managing and valuing diversity is a key component of effective people management. Diversity means the differences in gender, race, culture, age, family or carer status, religion and disability that exist among Australian Synchrotron employees, secondees, contractors and visitors.

Among other things, the Diversity Policy states that all employees are required to behave ethically and professionally in the workplace which includes being impartial, choosing people for the right reasons, fair and reasonable treatment for all and equal employment opportunities.

Managers are responsible for creating an environment which values diversity, and for reinforcing equality principles through the day-to-day management of staff. Managers are required to ensure that decisions are consistent with diversity principles. Managers are required to treat complaints of discrimination seriously and to take steps to address such complaints in accordance with the disputes and grievance resolution process.

In accordance with relevant legislation and its policies and procedures, the Australian Synchrotron is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment, where all persons are treated with respect and dignity. In the event of a conflict, AS will promptly address the matter and determine whether the required standards of behaviour have been breached. If a breach is found to have occurred, host organisations will be contacted and users may be denied access.

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