Each Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of a chair and up to 5 members. The PACs are formed to review proposals submitted to a particular AS beamline, i.e. there is one PAC per beamline.

The roles of the PACs are:

  • To review proposals for use of the facility and to make recommendations for the allocation of resources if this is appropriate

  • To monitor the experimental program and utilisation of the facility

  • To make recommendations to the User Office and Director on issues relating to the beamline where necessary

  • To provide comments to be given as feedback to users on the outcome of their proposal and on how to improve future proposals

  • To, in conjunction with beamline staff, make recommendations on the number of shifts to be allocated to a particular proposal.

Macromolecular Crystallography PAC 

Alice Vrielink (co-chair) University of Western Australia
Jade Forwood Charles Sturt University
Peter Junk James Cook University
Isabelle Lucet WEHI
Christopher Squire University of Auckland
Mary Tara Christie University of Sydney
John Bruning University of Adelaide
Marc Kvansakul La Trobe University
Jonathan White University of Melbourne

Powder Diffraction PAC

Talitha Santini (chair) University of Western Australia
Suzanne Neville University of New South Wales
Zaiping Guo University of Wollongong
Anthony Chesman CSIRO
Lianzhou Wang University of Queensland
William Rickard Curtin University
Mike Horne CSIRO

Infrared PAC

Ewan Blanch (chair) RMIT University
Courtney Ennis La Trobe University
Annette Dowd University of Technology Sydney
Marta Krasowska University of South Australia
Philip Heraud Monash University
Robert Falconer University of Adelaide
Saulius Juodkazis Swinburne University

Imaging & Medical PAC

Marcus Kitchen (chair) Monash University
Jessica Lye ARPANSA
Merrick Mahoney University of Newcastle
Martin Donnelley University of Adelaide
Kate Trinajstic Curtin University
Karen Steel University of Queensland
Ian Schipper Victoria University of Wellington

Soft X-Ray PAC

Jennifer Macleod (chair) Queensland University of Technology
Chris McConville RMIT University
Mark Edmonds Monash University
David Jones University of Melbourne
Martin Allen University of Canterbury
Shizhang Qiao University of Adelaide

Microspectroscopy PAC

Mark Hackett (chair) Curtin University
Margaux Le Vaillant CSIRO
Barbara Etschmann Monash University
William Bennett Griffith University
Antony van der Ent University of Queensland
Dominic Hare University of Melbourne
Paula Dredge Art Gallery of New South Wales


Michael Griffin (Bio co-chair) The University of Melbourne
Cara Doherty (Materials co-chair) CSIRO
Kang Liang University of New South Wales
Rico Tabor Monash University
Renwick Dobson University of Canterbury
Kevin Jack University of Queensland


Scott Johnston (chair) Southern Cross University
Aaron Marshall University of Canterbury
Siegbert Schmid The University of Sydney
Claire Weekley The University of Melbourne
Brigid McKenna University of Queensland
Karen Wilson RMIT University
Adele Jones University of New South Wales


Amanda Edgley (chair) University of Melbourne
Stephen Best University of Melbourne
Gary Bryant RMIT University
Katy Evans Curtin University
Anna Paradowska ANSTO