The Australian Synchrotron provides funding support for successful beamtime applicants in the form of travel funding and/or onsite accommodation. Funds granted are to be used solely to cover the majority of the cost to travel to the AS facility. Travel expenses include flights and Melbourne-based ground transport costs only.


To be eligible for funding, users must meet the following criteria.

  • Users are travelling from


  • Users have been awarded beamtime at the facility based on one of the following proposal types
    • Merit
    • MX Rapid Access
    • MX CAP (please proceed to the MX beamtime page for instructions)
    • Preferred access


You must create & begin your Experimental Authorisation prior to submitting your Travel Funding Application.


How to apply

New Zealand researchers, please proceed to the New Zealand Synchrotron Group website. Accommodation applications should be submitted via the 'Travel Funding & Accom' tab of your Experiment Authorisation (EA).

Country Victorian researchers can apply for accommodation via Portal; more specifically the 'Travel Funding & Accomm' tab located within your Experiment Authorisation (EA).

International researchers, please note that as of 01 September 2016, International researchers will no longer be eligible for complimentary accommodation. To view a list of current rates at the guesthouse, please proceed to the User Accommodation page.

Local researchers are not eligible for AS funded travel or accommodation. To view a list of current rates at the guesthouse, please proceed to the User Accommodation page.

Interstate researchers can apply for travel funding via Portal; more specifically the 'Travel Funding & Accomm' tab located within your Experiment Authorisation (EA).

Tips for a successful funding application

  • Please submit your funding and/or accommodation application a recommended minimum of 4 weeks prior to travel
  • Funding cannot be split amongst different institutions; only one application can be approved per beamtime allocation; funding will be reimbursed to the applicant's organisation only
  • The applicant must be
    • one individual only
    • either on the proposal or attending the beamtime
    • employed by an interstate-based organisation
  • Persons included on the application must reside interstate and not exceed three in total
  • If any persons are travelling interstate by car or train, please indicate this on the application for each person
  • Accommodation should not exceed funded limits, please refer to the User Accommodation page for further details

Guesthouse check-in is available from 2.00pm daily with check-out required by 10.00am. Please take this into account when preparing your funding application. We recommend requesting additional nights should users require access to accommodation for longer periods. In some cases additional nights may attract fees. Please contact the User Office for further information.

Please note: All users applying for domestic travel funding and/or accommodation for upcoming beamtime must now do so via the Australian Synchrotron User Portal.

Embedded within your Experiment Authorisation (EA) is a ‘Travel Funding & Accomm’ tab which will allow funding and accommodation to be requested for your visit (subject to eligibility criteria). We recommend that users complete their travel application prior to the submission of their EA.


Once the application is approved, you will be issued with a funding approval letter outlining the total maximum funding.

Users will need to book their own travel and preference must be shown for the most economical means of transport. We ask users to organise travel in advance to qualify for cheaper fares and, where possible, for users to travel together.

Funding limits

The AS travel funding is designed to cover the majority of flight costs and Melbourne-based ground transportation costs only. Funding is calculated based on the amounts in the funding table below and capped at a maximum of three people per proposal.

All allowances are in Australian dollars and are now quoted inclusive of Australian GST.

Departure City
Per Person   Departure City
Per Person
Canberra $500 Auckland $700
Sydney $450 Christchurch $750
Armidale $750 Wellington $750
Brisbane $450 Dunedin $950
Cairns / Townsville $700 Palmerston North $900
Darwin $1000    
Perth $880    
Adelaide $350    
Hobart $450    
Ground transport (in Melbourne only) $220 per scheduled experiment            

(Airfare allowance last reviewed 05 September 2017)

Accommodation for Users

All Users attending beamtime, please go to the User Accommodation page for further information.

If your stay is not relating to beamtime, please go to the Australian Synchrotron Guesthouse page.



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