Experiment Authorisation

Prior to the commencement of beamtime, the Experiment Authorisation (EA) must be submitted through the Portal. Further information for the EA can be found here and on the Portal.

The beamtime visit should be appropriately supported by competent users to ensure full use of beamtime.

Safety Training & Beamline Induction

Once a user is added to the EA by the Principal Investigator, they will need to complete their offsite safety training on the Portal 6 business days prior to the EA submission deadline. New Users who have not previously signed in to the Portal will need to create a password by following an emailed link after selecting "Forgotten Your Password?" on the login page of the Portal.

The Beamline Induction must be completed prior to each and every beamtime. It will usually take place at the very beginning of the beamtime on the beamline. If you will not be able to attend the start of the beamtime, please contact the appropriate beamline scientist.

Bringing Samples, Chemicals or Equipment Onsite

In order to maintain a safe workplace the Australian Synchrotron requires that all samples, chemicals or electrical equipment (excluding laptops and phones) are pre-approved for use on site via the Experiment Authorisation (EA) form. You must include all samples, chemicals and equipment you will bring with you or use at the Synchrotron in your EA for approval. If you wish to send samples, chemicals or equipment to the Synchrotron in advance of your beamtime you must obtain prior approval by following the procedure outlined here.

The Australian Synchrotron is able to assist Australian and New Zealand based synchrotron users to send samples in dry shippers (dewars) for remote access experiments at the MX beamlines.  Please click here for all information regarding dewar shipping.

Travel Options

Users should book their own travel and preference must be shown for the most economical means of transport. We ask users to organise travel in advance to qualify for cheaper fares and, where possible, for users to travel together.

User Accommodation

On site accommodation at the Guesthouse is available for users and guests. For infomation involving beamtime accommodation, click here. Alternatively, more information about the Guesthouse is available here.

International Users

Information for international users travelling to the Australian Synchrotron.

Terms and Conditions

Code of ethics and diversity policy