At the Australian Synchrotron our vision is to be the catalyst for the best scientific research and innovation in Australasia.

We are able to do this thanks to a highly skilled and passionate workforce and by providing unique equipment for researchers to understand the world at the micro, nano, and atomic scale.

Since commencing operations in 2007 the Australian Synchrotron has demonstrated that it is Australia’s largest and arguably most successful scientific user facility, benefitting over 3000 researchers from academia, medical research institutes, government and other research organisations, and industry. The facility has now been directly involved in the generation of more than 700 publications in refereed journals. Scientific research and innovation at the Australian Synchrotron spans a huge diversity of activities from medical and life sciences to advanced materials and engineering, and from earth and environmental sciences to accelerator science and synchrotron research methods. The facility also plays a vital role in training and education of our next generation of scientists and the scientifically aware.

Our synchrotron researchers are doing a brilliant job, but they are not content to simply maintain their place in internationally competitive science. Acknowledged experts and early-career researchers alike are continually pushing to expand their capabilities and push further into the unknown. We will continue to work closely with the research community to develop plans for new experimental facilities and techniques that will support the next generation of synchrotron scientists and strengthen our contribution to the future of science in our region.

Our website will help you find information about the research capabilities at the Australian Synchrotron, how to access the facility, events, training and much more. On behalf of all the staff at the Australian Synchrotron – welcome!

Professor Andrew Peele
Director, Australian Synchrotron