University of Melbourne

  • Detector Physics - x-ray pixel detectors, beam diagnostics, high energy particle detectors
  • CoEPP - LHC beam diagnostics, future linear collider modelling and design


  • Heavy Ion Facility - RF accelerator technology, EPICS accelerator control and data acquisition, cryogenic technology



SLAC - SSRL/SPEAR3 Optical and X-ray diagnostic beamlines, beam energy measurements, LCLS nueral network accelerator tuning

CERN - CLIC/CTF3 damping ring design and testing, LHC visible light bunch monitor

SSRF - Matlab MiddleLayer accelerator control, FEL and novel source development

PAL - Storage Ring fill pattern monitor, FEL and electron source development, Fast orbit feedback, Matlab accelerator control

KEK - optical diagnostics, physics schools