Two user cabins have been constructed for the convenience of users and staff on the x-ray fluorescence microscopy (x-ray microprobe) beamline at the Australian Synchrotron.


Above (31 May 2011): worm's eye view of the main user cabin under construction (looking clockwise from the MX beamlines).


Above (31 May 2011): Martin de Jonge in front of the second XFM user cabin (looking counterclockwise from the mezzanine above reception).


Above (19 May 2011): the main user cabin takes shape.


Above (17 May 2011): preparing for construction (looking counterclockwise from the XFM beamline roof towards the MX user cabins)


Above (17 May 2011): the area outside the XFM beamline cordoned off for construction (looking clockwise from the mezzanine above the MX beamline)