Expert beamline team, highly skilled in diffraction data collection and structure determination

Each member of the beamline team is highly competent in their area/s of expertise, resulting in a group that is multidisciplinary, yet dynamic and cohesive.  The team maintains two state-of-the-art beamlines  and dedicates substantial amounts of time to their continuous improvement and development while also continuing to excel internationally by regularly publishing in reputable, peer-review scientific journals.

Team skills and publications

Name: Dr rer. nat. Alan Riboldi-Tunnicliffe
Major skills: Drug design crystallography including receptors; beamline hardware development and robots.
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Name: Dr David Aragao
Major skills: Lipid cubic phase crystallisation and harvesting from sandwich plates; data collection on small crystals (10-80 microns), specialising in 'invisible crystals' such as membrane proteins grown by the lipid cubic phase methodology; data reduction of multiple 10-30 degree wedges to build a complete dataset.
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Name: Dr Jason Price
Major skills: Chemical crystallography from small molecules to large complexes.
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Name:  Dr Santosh Panjikar
Major skills: Derivatisation of protein crystals; X-ray data collection; long wavelength phasing; UV Radiation Damage Induced Phasing (UV-RIP); automated structure determination.
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Name: Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies
Major skills: Protein crystallography and beamline instrumentation including controls and hardware.
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