PDViPeR is a BSD-licensed data visualisation, processing and reporting software package for powder diffraction data. 

PDViPeR is a python-based package that not only reads in and views Australian Synchrotron Powder Diffraction beamline data from the Mythen II microstrip detector, but also is capable of efficient multi-detector position data merging that has been performed admirably in the past by DataPro and other programs.  The package is capable of easily producing images for publication and reports, with a range of output options including raw, stack, 2D surface and 3D plots. Dataset normalisation, scaling, background subtraction and inputting of both XYE and XY file formats are additional features. The goal of the application is to create an integrated package that will enable Users of the Powder Diffraction beamline to view, process and display their data easily and efficiently for publication.


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The PD team are interested in your feedback from your experiences with PDViPeR and would like suggestions for features to be added in the future. Please send bug reports and suggestions to pdviper@synchrotron.org.au


  • Input formats: XYE, XY, Bruker v3 RAW
  • Plotting
    • Raw data
    • Stacked (y-offset) 2D surface plot
    • 3D waterfall plot
    • TIFF/PNG/JPG raster output
    • PDF/SVG/EPS vector output
  • Data processing
    • Normalisation
    • Scaling
    • Merging
    • Regridding
    • Zero/reference angle correction
    • Background substraction
    • Peak fitting
  • Data ouput
    • High-quality image output for publications (4 plot types, vector and raster-based)
    • Export data for further analysis (structure analysis and modeling software)


PDViPeR Screenshot


To learn more, visit the documentation at http://pdviper.readthedocs.org.

Software authors:

Lenneke Jong, Australian Synchrotron, Lenneke.Jong@synchrotron.org.au
Gary Ruben, Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative (VeRSI), gruben@versi.edu.au
Kieran Spear, VeRSI, kieran.spier@versi.edu.au, http://www.versi.edu.au

Recognition of NeCTAR funding

The Australian Synchrotron is proud to be in partnership with the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) project to develop eResearch Tools for the synchrotron research community. This will enable our scientific users to have instant access to the results of data during the course of their experiment which will facilitate better decision making and also provide the opportunity for ongoing data analysis via remote access.