The Australian Synchrotron's critical national importance has been recognised by the Australian Government under the National Innovation and Science Agenda, which provides for $520 million over 10 years to ensure the ongoing operation of the Synchrotron. Operational funding on this scale gives us the room we need to grow, to seek new private and research partnerships, and to expand our beamline infrastructure to increase both the capacity and capability of the Synchrotron.

Under a plan to realise the full potential of the Australian Synchrotron – a plan that will support Australian and New Zealand discovery and innovation into the future – new beamlines, each providing techniques not yet available in our region, will be built. This expansion will give Australian and New Zealand researchers access to the specialised tools and techniques needed for critical research in growth areas and areas of national priority: in energy, resources, advanced manufacturing, food, health and medical research, materials and textile science and the environment.

Bright sets out details of the seven planned beamlines. This plan has been many years in the making and builds on the extensive consultation and feasibility work carried out as part of the former Australian Synchrotron Development Plan, or Science Case 2.  

We welcome feedback from the user community regarding the plan and seven new beamlines. To provide feedback, or for enquires, please contact:

Download your copy of Bright: new beamlines for the Australian Synchrotron (PDF, 830 KB)