The Australian Synchrotron is free of charge for all researchers who are publishing results in open literature and is allocated through a peer-review application process. Proprietary research is available through the Industry Engagement Team.

Access routes

Information about the most appropriate access method is available here.

Beamline information

A comprehensive list of each beamline is available here with beamline updates available here. Prior to submitting your proposal, it is recommended you contact the Principal Scientist of the beamline required to discuss your requirements and proposal submission.

Submit application

Prior to applying for beamtime, read through the proposal submission tips. Applications for beamtime can be submitted online through the Portal. Alternatively, if applying for proprietary research please contact the Industry Engagement Team.

Proposal round deadlines

Calls for proposals occur 3 times a year. Call deadlines are displayed on the proposal round deadline page and the User Office will announce a round by sending emails to all registered users prior to the deadline.

Proposal review

Proposals are reviewed by the program advisory committees.


After proposal have been reviewed, the Principal Beamline Scientists are responsible for scheduling the beamtime.  Once scheduling is completed, the User Office with advise all applicants of the outcome of their proposal.

Animal and human ethics approval process

This page provides guidance for obtaining and maintaining human or animal ethics approval.

Access model

The updated access model, effective from 1 July 2016, addresses the needs of the Australian Synchrotron’s academic and industry-user community, and the entitlements of the organisation’s funders. It is consistent with international best practice for synchrotron science facility access.