What to include in proposal details

Users applying for the first time, or submitting a proposal for a new experiment must contact a member of the IR group to discuss the experiment prior to submitting their proposal.

Users should include the following details in their experiment proposal

  • Details of any previous lab-based IR measurements they have undertaken on these samples.

  • Summary of outcomes from any previous synchrotron IR beamtime relating to these samples.

  • Description of why the experiment requires use of the synchrotron beamline.

  • How the samples will be prepared and mounted for analysis.

  • Proposed experimental configuration (reflection, transmission, ATR, Grazing angle, narrow-band MCT detector, etc.).

  • Any specific conditions for the sample environment (e.g. use of the Linkam sample stage).

  • Possible requirements for concurrent use of the FPA microscope.

  • Requirements for specific equipment or access to onsite laboratories (e.g. Chemistry lab, pellet press, PC2 Biochemistry lab)

 Also please remember that the IRM beamline and the THz/Far IR beamline are two separate beamlines that perform very different experiments. More details about this and what to include in your proposal for the IRM beamline can be found on our FAQ page.


Beamline-specific admin procedures

A Beamlines & Laboratories Safety Induction is given by IR Beamline staff to all members of a User Group at the start of their experimental run. This induction is in addition to the Facility User Safety Training undertaken by all users. No user on the IR Microscope beamline may operate equipment or use AS facilities until they have completed both inductions. All users listed on an Experiment Authorisation form should attend at the beginning of an experimental run to complete the beamlines induction.