Access to the Synchrotron.

Come to us with your questions for an obligation-free discussion and tailored quote based on analysis, project design and reporting required.

Access can be negotiated by the hour (minimum 4 hour allocation), including support staff time and user training.

How much does it cost?

Beamtime access is much less expensive than what you might imagine and can be arranged from as little as $800 per hour (minimum 4 hour allocation) depending on requirements.

Do I need my own research team or does my team need special training?

The Australian Synchrotron can run samples on your behalf or set up the equipment for your team to do the work, with any necessary training. In many cases our staff can offer advice on experimental design and direction.

Disclosure of intellectual property.

No disclosure of IP will occur without consent however, in order to demonstrate our value to the community, we may request permission to share the fact that you were a client, or by mutual consent, create a case study.

Do we need to be present for measurement?

In many cases, no. Specimens can be sent to the Synchrotron after the technique or approach has been agreed, and the specimens and results returned to you.

If I’m going to use a synchrotron, why the Australian Synchrotron?

We’re local, accessible, world-class and affordable. Being local reduces travel and freight cost as well as reducing risk of sample degradation over long transit times.

Part of our mission is to enable industry-based research as a way of providing benefit to the community.

The Australian Synchrotron is world leading in many areas of beamline techniques and accelerator science. Our scientists are regularly consulted by industry and researchers at other facilities. Our machine physicists have even contributed to improvements at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

How do I get started?

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