Most of our beamlines allow their users to access their data files remotely via Secure FTP (SFTP) or HTTP(S). 

To download the data, we recommend using a graphical client like FileZilla or WinSCP. The following connection details need to be provided to the SFTP client of your choice.

  1. Servername (Hostname): 
  2. Port: 22
  3. Protocol: SFTP
  4. Username (email address as stored in the VBL or the UserPortal)
  5. Password 

Alternatively, the data can be accessed, shared and downloaded conveniently through the web browser here.

If you are listed on the Experiment Authorisation Form, you have access to the data by default. If not, please feel free to ask your beamline scientist to add you to the data access.

If you encounter any problems with this service, please send an email to together with your User Portal email address and the Experiment Proposal Number (EPN), which you are trying to download. General feedback on this service is also appreciated.