Photon delivery system


1.9T Wiggler
 Available Energy range 5 - 31 keV
 Optimal Energy range

Mode 1: 5 - 9 keV using Si(111)

Mode 2: 8.5 - 18.5 keV using Si(111)

Mode 3: 15 - 31 keV using Si(311)

 Resolution deltaE/E Crystal dependent:
~ 1.5x10-4 using Si(111)
~ 0.4x10-4 using Si(311)
 Nominal beam size at sample

~ 0.25 by 0.25 mm fully focussed

 Photon flux at sample  1010 to 1012 ph/s using Si(111)
109 to 1011 ph/s using Si(311)
 Harmonic content at 5-18 keV   < 10-5


Detectors and Ancillaries

The beamline consists of two experimental stations: Hutch B and Hutch C.

In Hutch B standard experiments are run. These are experiments requiring little or no modification from one user group to the next in terms of hardware setup. That limits the type of experiments to samples prepared in our standard sample holders to be measured either at ambient temperature and pressure or in our cryostat in transmission or fluorescence mode.

In Hutch C non-standard experiments may be run. This type of experiments include users having their own apparatus, e.g. sample environments or detectors. Note that the lowest energy feasible in Hutch C is the Fe K edge at 7 keV.


 Hutch B (5 to 31 keV)

Hutch C (7 to 31 keV)
Optical table 2.4 by 1.2 m Optical table 2.4 by 1.2 m
100 element Ge fluoro detector

36 element Ge fluoro detector

 3 ion chambers 3 ion chambers
Cryostat and room temperature holder

In-situ heating stage to ~1000C

Harmonic rejection mirror Various stages
Fast shutter