An Experiment Authorisation (EA) is required for all experiments conducted at an Australian Synchrotron beamline. The EA allows the Australian Synchrotron (AS) to assess the details and safety requirements of all experiments prior to a scheduled beamtime. The submission and subsequent approval of an EA is a significant step in allowing the AS to fulfill its legal obligations to provide a safe work space for staff and visitors. 

Users must answer all questions on their EA accurately, providing all information relevant to the safe conduct of their experiment whilst onsite. Failure to submit and gain approval for your EA within the required deadlines will result in your experiment being cancelled.


Flowchart for EA with Offsite Training

The EA is submitted online via the AS User Portal.  

To create your EA:

  1. go to the Portal Dashboard;
  2. proceed to the ‘Experiment Authorisations’ section and select 'Create and Manage';
  3. click on the blue ‘Create EA’ button;
  4. follow the directions under each tab which outline the required content;
  5. email any users requiring Safety Training;
  6. submit once all users have valid safety training and all sample information is finalised.

Please note, if your EA does not contain sufficient safety information, the EA will be declined and you will be asked to re-submit with the additional information included.

Important Deadlines

The EA must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days* prior to the beamtime start date, with no changes to the User list to be made after this date. 

Changes to the EA sample information (i.e. adding an additional hazardous material) will not be accepted less than 3 business days* prior to the beamtime start date.

* All public holidays in Victoria are observed by the AS, therefore will be included in these deadlines.


Please click here for a comprehensive guide to completing the EA

Should you have any questions regarding the online submission process, please do not hesitate to contact the User Office.


Legal responsibilities

Group Spokesperson

Each User group must have a spokesperson. This will default to the Principal Investigator (PI) from the beamtime proposal.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Group Spokesperson are as follows:

  • be physically present during the allocated beamtime (with the exception of MX remote access experiments where all users are participating remotely); 
  • ensure the EA application is submitted and approved;
  • be the main point of contact during the allocated beamtime; 
  • ensure all his/her members adhere to the AS’s policies & procedures at all times;
  • ensure all his/her members have completed the AS safety inductions prior to commencing (i.e. WHS & Radiation, beamline & laboratory, as appropriate);
  • ensure all his/her members conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner while onsite.

Upon submitting an EA application, the following declaration appears outlining the legal responsibilities of the Spokesperson. 

'I hereby confirm that all information I am supplying in support of this application for Experiment Authorisation is correct. I understand that any Users or samples NOT listed will NOT be allowed into the Australian Synchrotron. I am duly authorised to complete and sign this application on behalf of the Users participating in this experiment.'

By accepting this declaration, the Spokesperson enters into a legally binding agreement with the AS. 

Although the Spokesperson is responsible for the submission of an EA, they may ask another person within a User group to submit the EA on their behalf.  They may also nominate a new Spokesperson within the User group if they cannot meet the requirements above.