Data formats & Analysis Software

The Brüker IFS 125/HR FTIR spectrometer uses OPUS version 6.5 software. This software is used to operate the instrument and to analyse the data. Data is saved in Brüker specific formats. As a user on the FIR & HR beamline you will be provided with a copy of OPUS v.6.5 to analyse your data. You will be shown how to use most software features over the course of your beamtime. In addition, it is possible to convert Brüker data formats to text files (XY data) to open in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Please remember to take a copy of all data recorded at the beamline. We suggest you bring either blank DVDs, a large memory stick (4GB and upwards) or portable hard drive to collect your information. By default, User data will be archived until the data is published or upon request.