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Dr Keith Bambery

Dr Keith Bambery

Scientist - Infrared

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 Keith studied Astronomy, Physics and Applied Mathematics at Monash University, Australia before completing an industry backed Ph.D. on the Electrical Properties of Polymers for High Voltage Power Cable Insulation. Prior to joining ASLS in December 2011 he was a Physics Lecturer in solid-state physics and stellar astrophysics and undertook postdoctoral research in the School of Chemistry at Monash University. His research interests include development of hyperspectral imaging and multivariate statistical analysis methods (chemometrics) for molecular vibrational spectroscopy and synchrotron radiation infrared microscopy as tools for biological and biomedical research. He has published journal articles and book chapters in the diverse areas of (a) space charges in materials, (b) long term changes in pulsating variable stars, (c) applications of infrared spectroscopy for the study of DNA, cellular biochemistry, malnutrition, heart disease, malaria, cervical cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer and (d) signal correction computation for mid-infrared spectra.