Beamline technical information

The ANBF was a bending magnet beamline using the following water-cooled monochromator crystals:

  • Si(111): 5.5 - 21 keV
  • Si(311): 11 - 32 keV

The beam was unfocussed with a size adjustable between 0.1 mm squared and 20 mm (horizontally) by 2 mm (vertically). Harmonic rejection was typically achieved by 50% detune on the second crystal (available on the Si(111) only). A 36-element solid state Ge detector was used for fluorescence experiments, whilst Oken ionization chambers were used for transmission experiments.

Data and data analysis

The 'AVERAGE' program suited to ANBF data can be downloaded here ( Windows or Linux(i386) ). Should you require a copy of your old ANBF data then please contact, though be aware that only a limited amount of old ANBF data is still available.