ACAS School 2010

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At ANSTO Lucas Heights New Illawarra Road

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ASAP - ACAS School for Accelerator Physics

A residential school in accelerator physics

13-17 December 2010
ANSTO Lucas Heights

New Illawarra Road
Lucas Heights, NSW

Lecture series by Prof Ken Peach, University of Oxford

Accelerator physics underpins the scientific and technological development in the modern world. Are you a physics or engineering student interested in cutting edge technology? At ASAP 2010 Prof Ken Peach will take you on a journey through the science of the inner workings of accelerators including the LHC and the Australian Synchrotron light source. At the residential school you will receive additional tutorials to take you through the physics concepts as well as seminars highlighting the applications for accelerators.

Get your application for ASAP in a.s.a.p. apply online here.


  • Maximum number of students is 40.
  • If selected students will receive financial aid for covering the expenses for attending this school, including airfare, lodging, meals, local transportation and school supplies.
  • Application qualification: graduate students, post doctoral fellows, junior researchers.
  • Former students are allowed to apply.
  • Online registration only.
  • Requirements: registration form, CV, one recommendation letter.
  • Registration fee: $100.
  • Application deadline: 13 November, 2010


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