Thank you very much to everyone who entered our inaugural photo competition. We enjoyed your photos, which ranged in subject matter from beer balloons and rainbows to the late late shift at the synchrotron.

The winner is Noel Basten (electrical technician at the AS) for ‘Magnetic attraction’, followed very closely by Bridget Ingham (research scientist with IRL in New Zealand) for a photo of the SAXS beamline in action with a user-supplied sample cell. For his photographic efforts, Noel receives a fabulous prize from the synchrotron’s Human Resources group. 


Above: 'Magnetic attraction', by Noel Basten

Below: photo of user-supplied sample cell on SAXS beamline, by Bridget Ingham


Honourable mention goes to Paul Leonard for ‘Elect Albert’, a well-dressed self-portrait in excellent company. His photo appears below. That's Paul on the right.


The competition is on again, this time with a closing date of Friday 29 July 2011. Staff, users and visitors: get your cameras ready!