• Contribute to accelerator science for the next generation

The primary aim of ACAS is to provide a platform for contributions to accelerator science research efforts and develop the next generation machines for future light sources, ion beams and microprobes, medical accelerators, as well as high energy particle physics. ACAS will harness the expertise of the researchers in the collaboration to advance Australia’s National Research Priorities through state-of-the-art accelerator based sciences at the government and university research facilities. ACAS is a strategic network that will deliver scientific research within the accelerator science field and to the broader user community.

  • Generate strong teaching links to teach and nurture students

Student engagement underpins in many ways the research goals of the accelerator science collaboration and as such ACAS will aim to nurture talent in the field. Traditionally accelerator scientists have come from the nuclear and particle physics communities, but with the recent investment in accelerator based science, ACAS will develop accelerator physics teaching programs in collaboration with universities. A natural partner in such a teaching plan lies in the high energy physics community which is already involved in many cutting edge research efforts using the world’s largest and most advanced accelerators.

  • Deploy latest e-science technology to all labs

One area of complete overlap for all national accelerator facilities is the need for the latest e-science tools. These tools currently include the computing hardware to run the machines but they need to be extended to data access and storage, computing power for analysis and modelling, simulation software access, computing grid technology and remote access and communication. This technology has been developed and deployed to varying degrees at the accelerator facilities for the user community, however ACAS aims to coordinate the effort to make these state-of-the-art tools available to the accelerator physics community to benefit their research efforts.

  • Ongoing development of state-of-the-art Australian facilities

ACAS is a national, cohesive and representative collaboration which aims to operate and maintain Australia’s current accelerator facilities at world-class levels. This includes the ongoing development of all Australian facilities, through government funding, to keep up with worldwide progress. The government, university and industry partners in the collaboration will work with research scientists to articulate how funding should be targeted to best meet the research priorities and develop the necessary capabilities in accelerator science.