Victorian businesses can now apply for up to $50,000 in government assistance to use Australian Synchrotron capabilities in ‘small technologies’ such as microtechnology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, information and communication technology and advanced engineering technologies.

The Victorian Government’s Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program (STIUP) supplies eligible businesses with vouchers that can be exchanged for access to small technologies facilities, services, advice or expertise from the Australian Synchrotron and other participating service providers. The aim is to help Victorian businesses develop internationally competitive new products, services and industrial processes.

Applications for the second round of STIUP trial vouchers are currently being accepted. Completed applications (including the required financial information) must be submitted online and received by 3pm Friday 18 November 2011.
Click here for more information from the Victorian Government.

Microtechnology and nanotechnology have the capacity to revolutionise virtually all aspects of manufacturing.

Microtechnology is engineering on the scale of one millionth of a metre. Nanotechnology is engineering on the scale of one billionth of a metre, or at the scale of an atom.

Micro-scale and nano-scale objects such as miniaturised electrical and mechanical devices have unique physical and chemical properties, for example greater flexibility or strength, that are boosting the further development of a global market already worth many billions of dollars.

If your business would like to apply for a Small Technologies Feasibility Voucher (up to $10,000) or Technical Voucher (up to $50,000) to use the synchrotron, your first step is to contact the synchrotron for a confidential discussion about your needs.

For more information about commercial access to the small technology capabilities of the Australian Synchrotron, check out the 'Industry and commercial users' webpage on this website or contact business development manager Kerry Hayes on 03 8540 4232 or

Details of the voucher system and other elements of the Victorian Government’s Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program are available from the Small Technologies Cluster website or through the Business Victoria website.