Thank you to everyone who entered the June-July 2011 photo competition, submitting photos ranging from sunrise over the synchrotron, rainbows inside and outside the synchrotron and beamlines in action to a 'film noir' vision of the new user accommodation block. 

The winner of the June-July 2011 photo competition at the Australian Synchrotron is Sean Murphy (electrical engineer at the synchrotron) for his photo of the synchrotron from a vantage point overlooking the HDR cable gantry.

Looking along the HDR cable gantry, by Sean Murphy

Qinfen Gu (powder diffraction scientist at the AS) and Mark Tobin (head of the AS infrared beamline team) were awarded equal second place with their photos of the new sample spinner on the PD beamline (Qinfen) and AS mechanical technician Alan Easdon using ultrasonic drilling to create a specialised piece of equipment for the IR microspectroscopy beamline (Mark).

Above: sample spinner on the powder diffraction beamline, by Qinfen Gu

Below: ultrasonic drilling, by Mark Tobin

Fourth place was awarded to Rohan Dowd (senior accelerator physicist at the AS) for an electron's view of the storage ring magnets.


Below are some of the other images submitted in this round of the competition.

 cornall_sunrise_web.jpg thorogood_pd_web.jpg plathe_hrir_web.jpg murphy_useraccomm_cropweb.jpg
Above: photos by Terry Cornall (AS), Gordon Thorogood (ANSTO), Ruth Plathe (AS) and Sean Murphy (AS).