Events in Australia

Synchrotron and Neutron New Users Symposium
8 July 2011
University of New South Wales, Sydney

Organised by ANSTO, this symposium targets students, postgraduates and researchers wanting to learn more about how synchrotron and neutron techniques can be applied in their research. Novice users will benefit from presentations on biomedical, materials, environmental and physical sciences applications. Prior to the symposium, there is an opportunity to tour the OPAL research reactor. The symposium is free for staff and students from sponsor institutions but places are limited so registration is essential. Limited travel funding is available to students from AINSE.

Powder Diffraction at Australia’s Synchrotron and OPAL Facilities: Experiment Planning to Data Analysis
6-9 September 2011
Australian Synchrotron, Melbourne

This joint AS/ANSTO workshop targets early career researchers who have used or plan to use powder diffraction at OPAL or the AS. The aim is to cover everything from applying for instrument time and planning experiments through to data analysis. Participants will hear lectures from experts in the field and be given opportunities to gain hands-on experience with data analysis software.
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2011 Annual Workshop: Physicists and Biologists Working Together
10-12 October 2011
Bio21 Institute, Melbourne
The annual workshop of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science will have the theme of: “Physicists and Biologists Working Together – Facilitating X-ray Biophotonics”. The workshop will focus on high resolution-imaging of biological samples using synchrotron and laser x-ray sources as well as pioneering electron and light microscopy techniques and protein structure determination techniques. A specialist Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy Workshop will be held on 11 October.

15th International Small-Angle Scattering Conference (SAS 2012)
18-23 November 2012
Sydney, Australia

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Events Outside Australia

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Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar on X-Ray Science
6-7 August 2011
Waterville, Maine, USA

A unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas. This meeting will focus on recent advances in x-ray science and techniques from advanced light sources with sessions covering ultrafast science, time-resolved x-ray characterisation, coherence, and other new techniques as well as a mentorship session. Applications and abstracts must be submitted by 9 July 2011.

X-Ray Science Gordon Research Conference
7-12 August 2011
Waterville, Maine, USA

With the first hard x-ray free electron laser source beginning operation and with other advanced x-ray sources operational and planned, this is an exciting time to exchange ideas about the future of x-ray science and applications. This event will bring together investigators at the forefront of these areas, and provide a venue for young scientists entering a career in x-ray research to present their research in poster format, hold discussions in a friendly setting, and exchange ideas with leaders in the field. Application deadline is 10 July 2011.

SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications
21 - 25 August 2011
San Diego, California, USA

This major symposium covers classical optical R&D, design and engineering, as well as x-ray/EUV optics, remote sensing, information processing, space optical systems, and illumination engineering. Check the website for events of interest to synchrotron scientists.

SPIE is an international society for optics and photonics founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. SPIE conferences are listed at:

International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis (ICXOM21)
5-8 September 2011
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

A one-day workshop will provide an overview of synchrotron-based micro and nano-analysis applied to biosciences, followed by a conference and technical exhibitions near the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source.

Improving the Data Quality and Quantity for XAFS Experiments
Photon Factory, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
The Q2XAFS2011 international workshop organised by the IUCr XAFS Commission, IUCr SR Commission and International X-ray Absorption Society and originally scheduled for 12-13 April 2011 has been postponed to 8-9 December 2011.

This workshop aims to establish experimental protocols for XAFS measurements and the standardisation of XAS set-ups, including biological applications. Newly developed XAFS beamlines and future prospects will also be discussed. Young investigators will benefit from a dedicated presentation session and on-site training for data analysis.