Andrew PeeleThis month our short interview features Andrew Peele, the new head of science at the Australian Synchrotron.

Describe your job in 25 words or less.
Responsibility for the core activities of user and beamline operations as well as catalysing the best scientific results from users, including our own scientific staff.

Best aspect of your new position?
The opportunity to interact with a world-leading group of people dedicated to the notion of supporting the best scientific research in Australasia.

Worst aspect of your job?
The commute!

Biggest challenge facing you in your new position?
Getting across the enormous diversity in research that can be done at the Australian Synchrotron and convincing stakeholders, funders and the public of the value of that research.

Apart from the Australian Synchrotron, what's the coolest job you've ever had?
Cleaning the caramel spreader at the Mars Bar factory in Ballarat.

What’s your history as a synchrotron user?
Eclectic. Since 1994 I have used synchrotrons in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia. I think I have participated in experiments on more than a dozen beamlines and used almost as many techniques.

Best things about living in Melbourne and why?
In recent years the climate. That and the terrain make riding to work a pleasure.

Your favourite overseas destination and why?
Australia – it’s easy to get to and has everything you could want in a travel destination.

A little-known fact about the Australian Synchrotron?
Australian Synchrotron is an anagram of ‘only ran anarchist tours’.

What would you like to see more of at the AS?