The eligibility dates for the Australian Synchrotron Thesis Medal 2010 have been extended to cover the period from 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2010 (instead of only the 12 months to 30 June 2010). This will allow applications from people who had a PhD awarded or conferred between 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2009. The award was not offered in 2009.

The new deadline for applications is Monday 18 October 2010.

The Australian Synchrotron Thesis Medal recognises excellence in the area of synchrotron science amongst postgraduate students in the completion of their PhD studies. Applications are invited from PhD graduates whose thesis includes research undertaken at the Australian Synchrotron or the Australian National Beamline Facility (ANBF) or whose work was undertaken under the auspices of the Australian Synchrotron Research Program (ASRP). Applicants must have completed their PhD while enrolled at an Australian or New Zealand University.

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