Australian Synchrotron Laboratories


The Australian Synchrotron has several laboratories available to User groups for sample preparations before experiments on the beamlines:


  • Chemistry laboratory (wet chemistry)
  •  Biochemistry laboratory (wet chemistry, low level bio-hazard biological materials only)
  •  Half laboratory (no chemicals)
  • Cell culture laboratories (in main building and in IMBL)


Access to the laboratories is only granted after completion of the laboratory induction. The Laboratory Coordinator conducts Chemistry Laboratory Inductions at 9:30am, Tuesdays to Fridays - the induction takes approximately 20 minutes. If you require an induction to another laboratory this will be conducted following the Chemistry Lab inductions.


Inductions to the IMBL laboratories are on request. Please contact the IMBL beamline staff or the Laboratory Coordinator.



      Lab Safety

What is available

Bringing your samples

Safety training Laboratory equipment listing Sample shipping




Clare Scott
Laboratory Coordinator
Phone: +61 (0)3 8540 4141
Mobile: 0477 707 323

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