Chemistry laboratory

Balances, analytical – (4 various) (Maximum weight 1500g, maximum resolution 0.01mg)

Centrifuges -  


Eppendorf 5804R (refrigerated)

          Rotors:           A-2-DWP, max 3,700 rpm, for microplates
                                                A-4-44, max 5,000 rpm, 4 x 50mL or 16 x 15mL tubes
                                                F 45-30-11, max 14,000 rpm, 30 eppendorf tubes (max 3.75g)
                                                F-34-6-38, max 12,000 rpm, 6 x 125g, 15 or 50mL tubes.


            Eppendorf miniSpin, max 13,400 rpm, 12 x eppendorf tubes (max 4.0g)

Desiccator with vacuum pump (for degassing plates)

Miele G7883CD

Freezer (-18°C)


Refrigerator (x2)


Fume cupboards (x2)


Glove box (Argon)

Hot plate stirrers - IKA RCT Basic,

Ice machine -
Simag SPR80


Incubator (mini)

Microscope - Leica


Nanodrop 2000 Spectrophotometer


Oven - Small fan forced (maximum 200°C)


Pellet press - Pike Auto-crushIR


pH meter/EC meter

Pipettors - Various (2µL to 10mL volume)


Sieve shaker - Endecotts minor 


                         Sieves - 2.0mm, 1.0mm, 500 micron, 250 micron, 150 micron and 106 micron


Spin coater – Laurel Technologies


Stirrer, magnetic - IKA labdisc


Stirrer, magnetic, multiposition


Ultrasonic bath



Vortex mixer
IKA MS 3 basic

Water purification system (Reverse osmosis (RO) water and Ultrapure water) – Millipore


Biochemistry laboratory




Fume cupboards (x2)


Freezer, ultra low temperature (-80°C)


Freezer (-20°C)






Shaking incubator


pH meter


Pipettors - Various (2µL to 10mL volume)


Rotary evaporator


Ultrasonic bath


Water purification system (Reverse osmosis (RO) water and Ultrapure water) – Millipore



Cell Culture laboratories


Autoclave (x2 floor standing, x1 benchtop for instruments)


Bio-safety cabinet (Class II) (x3)


Centrifuge - (rotors for eppendorf, 15ml and 50ml tubes)


Incubator (CO2) (x4)


Microscope (inverted)


Pipettors - Various (2µL to 10mL volume)




Freezer (-20)


Ultrasonic bath (heated)


Vortex mixer






Half lab



Saw, precision – Isomet 1000





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