Preparation for radio-biology and radiotherapy experiments

Micro-beam radiation therapy (MRT) in hutch 1B

For detailed information on this mode contact Andrew Stevenson (

Beam specifications

Energy range up to 120 keV
Maximum beam size (H × V) 30 mm × 2 mm

 Detector details

  • Large parallel plate in air ion chambers for beam monitoring and dosimetry.
  • PinPoint ionisation chamber and Unidos electrometer
  • Gafchromic film scanning, for high resolution imaging and high sensitivity measurements. (Limited supply. See note below).
  • CMRP Xtream high spatial resolution dosimetry probe
  • CCD detector with 12 μm pixel size for portal beam imaging. 

* Users are responsible for providing Gafchromic film for their experiment; this can be purchased via AlphaXRT in Sydney (  Beamline staff can advise on the type required for the experiment.

Experiment considerations

Energy selection/settings

  • Experiments in this hutch are usually broad spectrum (pink beam).
  • Currently broad beam energy changes can only be conducted by IMBL staff. Calculations of experiment duration should take into account that energy changes are usually only possible during normal working hours (8am-6pm).
  • Monochromatic beam energies can be changed by the User.
  • Please ensure you list all mean / median energies required in your proposal.

Sample stages and ancillaries

Sample stage motions are in Z (vertical ) and Y (horizontal across the beam), and theta (vertical axis).



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