Preparation for animal experiments

Animal ethics applications and standard operating procedures

The AS-AEC is currently maintaining a list of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for consideration in AEC applications to perform holding and use of live animals for scientific procedures at the AS. To obtain the SOPs please contact

A map of the areas of the IMBL that have been approved for animal holding or scientific procedures is indicated here, and should be referenced in descriptions of procedures in AEC applications to home institution AEC and AS-AEC and beamtime proposal experiment outlines where possible in consultation with IMBL staff.

Animal holding facilities

Three holding rooms are currently available to users for animal holding for AS and Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) related projects. These are:

 ST G12 - Mice, ST G13 - Rabbits, sheep and pigs, and ST G14 - Rats.

It should be noted that it is a condition of use of the animal holding facilities for short-term holding that the Users be able to demonstrate to the Animal Facility Manager that animals from recovery experiments or animals not used at beamtime experiments have a designated facility that is willing to accept animals from the AS Animal Holding Facility. While all attempts will be made to maintain a clean facility through a combination of careful scheduling and sanitisation the AS cannot guarantee the health and pathogen status of animals leaving the AS Animal Facility because it is a mixed facility open to all users.

Users may personally transport animals into the Facility for experiments themselves providing AEC approval is obtained and users agree to follow approved SOPs for animal transport (Home Institute or AS-AEC). Alternatively, Users may use animal couriers for transport to the Animal Facility by arrangement on the condition that prior approval is obtained from the Animal Facility Manager.

Monash Animal Research Platform (MARP) by agreement with the AS, will maintain the AS Animal Holding Facility at the IMBL and provide animal transport to and from the AS and animal husbandry for the required period at Users expense. Nonetheless, the CI or their named responsible person on AEC proposals for animal holding and usage at the IMBL remains responsible for animal welfare.

For further details of animal procedures and requirements please consult the Animal Ethics Link of the AS User website.

Animal and biohazard disposal procedures

At the end of user beamtime all animal waste and biohazard material is to be disposed of according to SOPs available in all holding and procedures areas, unless materials and wastes are being returned to the Users Home Institute.

Animal carcasses that are not being taken away from the AS with the User group should be disposed of in the appropriate bins within the cold storage room (ST-1.29) between the first floor pre-clinical lift and Surgery 2 (ST-1.28). Similarly, tissues from animals should not be left within preparation areas and surgeries, but disposed of in the cold storage room before Users leave the AS premises at the end of beamtime. Disposal of large animal carcasses will be arranged through a waste contractor at User expense.

Tissue short-term storage at the IMBL

Plasma and tissue samples collected during experiments at the AS can be stored short-term at the IMBL in a designated freezer (-20 °C and -80 °C) for the short-term only. Freezers are available to Users at both the NBSP and Satellite Building.

Schedule listed drugs for anaesthetic and analgesic use

Information on anaesthetics to be used must be indicated in the proposal, including handling information.

The IMBL has a secure holding for schedule 4 and 8 anaesthetics and analgesics that may be required for scientific animal procedures at the AS. The following drugs will be made available to Users for general proposal beamtime subject to evidence of appropriate training of Users.
Schedule 8s: Ketamine, Butorphanol, Buprenorphine, Fentanyl (others by request)
Other drugs: Medetomidine, Xylazine, Thiopental, Alfaxan, Atipamezole,  Propofol, Diazepam, meloxicam, Midazolam, Heparin, Adrenalin, Atropine,  Carprofen, Bupivicaine, Lignocaine
Gaseous anasthesia: Isoflurane, Sevoflurane (by request) 






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