A  photographic display created by synchrotron users Peter Kappen and Diana Mittag invites viewers to experience the Australian Synchrotron from a different perspective.

Victoria is actively working to grow its market share in Asian countries where rising incomes and time pressures are stimulating strong demand for high-quality food products.

Research and industry linkages through precincts: a solution for innovation

The Australian Synchrotron is enjoying an active program of high-profile industry engagement events that emphasise the need for greater access to research by industry for innovation.

There’s an air of excitement and anticipation at the Synchrotron this month associated with a beamline upgrade and recent visits by the Chief Scientist of Australia and the Minister for Science and Research. The unexpected passing away of a synchrotron stalwart is further cause for reflection on the significant contributions so many have made to the Synchrotron’s success to date.

A new branchline being commissioned on the soft x-ray beamline to demonstrate new techniques and capabilities is a collaborative project by several research agencies with federal government funding.

Steve Wilkins, a stalwart of the Australian Synchrotron and a long-standing CSIRO employee, passed away in Melbourne on 25 March 2013.

A potential new flu drug developed by Australian and international researchers could quickly bring future flu outbreaks under control, buying time for specific vaccines to be developed.

A new ‘solar sponge’ approach to capturing and recycling carbon dioxide uses solar energy, eliminating the need to heat the capture material to release the carbon dioxide.

Potassium plays a surprising but essential role in the bacteria behind illnesses such as gastroenteritis and Legionnaires’ disease, as revealed by 2012 Australian Synchrotron Thesis Medal winner Miriam-Rose Ash.

The Australian Synchrotron has established a Fellows Program for outstanding individuals whose passion for science matches that of the synchrotron’s own staff.